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Common Dry Mouth at Night Causes and Treatments

You sleep soundly through the night but when you wake up, your mouth is so dry and that you find it hard swallowing or even feeling some soreness in your throat. All you did was sleep so why are you having dry mouth at night? If you are having this problem, you are just like most of the people out there.

Dry mouth at night is a common condition but the causes for each person vary. The lifestyle and habits also affect dry mouth at night. This condition is discomforting and it will cause bad breath, a sore throat, sores, tooth decay and difficulty in swallowing. It is best that you get on top of the problem as soon as possible before things get worse.

Common Causes

One of the common causes of nighttime dry mouth is when you snore. Since you leave your mouth open at night, your saliva dries up. With no activity in the mouth, saliva is not produced again. This is also goes the same for people who sleep with their mouths open.

  • A person who is fond of drinking caffeine, sugary drinks, eating salty and spicy foods and smoking can causes dry mouth during your sleep. These drinks and foods have properties that reduce saliva production.


  • Taking specific medications before you sleep can also lead to the drying of your mouth. You must avoid medication that you really don’t need.

Preventing Dry Mouth

To be able to prevent dry mouth at night, you must lessen your snoring by losing weight, sleeping on the side or using snoring aids. It will be helpful to practice breathing through your nose during sleep too. A change in lifestyle and diet is essential to improve your dry mouth. Avoid taking unnecessary medication and stop drinking too much caffeine. Whenever possible, avoid smoking and alcohol drinking, too.