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3 Ways to Treat Night Dry Mouth

Night dry mouth happens a person is asleep. They may not notice this during sleep but once they wake up, they feel some discomfort in the mouth. This dry mouth at night can be caused by snoring or when a person breathes through the mouth when asleep. Taking medications prior to sleeping also aids in the drying of the mouth at night. If you wake up in the morning facing this uncomfortable condition, take a look at these treatments that might be able to help you:

1.  Plenty of Water

One cause of night dry mouth can be dehydration. You should make it a point to drink 8 glasses of water each day to keep your body hydrated. Make sure you have a glass of water beside you when you sleep so you can drink up when you wake up with a dry mouth. Drinking water regularly keeps the moistness of the mouth. In fact, water is the most expensive and effective cures to a dry mouth.

2. Use Vitamin E Oil

Before sleeping at night, break a Vitamin E oil capsule and spread the oil inside the mouth and the tongue. Vitamin E oil is a great cure for night dry mouth. Make sure to spread evenly so that your mouth is moist throughout your sleep. Sunflower oil and Flaxseed oil also have the same effect and can cure dry mouth at night.

3. Modify Your Diet

If you are suffering from dry mouth at night, there is probably something wrong with your diet. If you are fond of eating salty, sugary and spicy foods, your dry mouth maybe an indication of a poor diet. It is a must that you avoid drink with caffeine. This will worsen your dry mouth syndrome.

These three night dry mouth treatments are proven to be very effective. Nonetheless, it is best to examine what causes your dry mouth and consult a doctor.