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3 Significant Truths about Dry Mouth at Night

Dry mouth is called xerostomia. It is the lack of production of saliva in the mouth which causes bad breath, sore throat and tooth decay. People often experience dry mouth at night because of the lack of activity in the mouth that doesn’t stimulate saliva production. Because of this, people have bad breath in the morning and think twice about kissing their partner without brushing their teeth.

To help you understand the nature of this condition, below are the truths about dry mouth.   

1. Many take it for granted

Some people do not worry much about having dry mouth at night but some believes that it is important to look into it. With the many causes of dry mouth, you won’t know if you have a medical condition like diabetes or anemia that is causing it.

2. Problem in your salivary glands

When you experience dry mouth at night, it means that your salivary glands are not functioning efficiently as they should. This can be due to what you’ve eaten that day or if you have taken some medication before sleeping. Still, there are cases where people who do not take medication still have dry mouth.

3. Saliva production is very important in the mouth

It helps the mouth chew food and aids in digestion. It prevents infection in the mouth by controlling bacteria and fungi. Saliva has anti-bodies and enzymes that protect the body from what is being eaten. Further, saliva is important to the teeth. It helps in the reduction of plaque and therefore reduces tooth decay. It also re-mineralizes the enamel of the teeth.

Dry mouth at night is a growing concern because of the many problems it causes an individual. Having bad breath is embarrassing and difficulty in swallowing is discomforting. It is a must that you get your dry mouth condition checked immediately and start determining the root cause of your problem. Prevention is vital and it will start by changing your diet and lifestyle.