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3 Natural Cures for Dry Mouth

Do you have bad breath? One of the ways to know if you do is to lick your hand and smell your saliva. If you do, your bad breath may be caused by a dry mouth. Dry mouth syndrome happens when the mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva which can lead to mouth diseases. It will be hard to pinpoint what exactly is causing your dry mouth but don’t worry, this condition can be treated naturally. Take a look at these 3 natural cures for dry mouth:

1. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is always one of the solutions when experiencing something bad in the body. If the body is feeling pain or discomfort, it is a way of telling you that your diet is pretty bad. As one of the cures for dry mouth, start making your diet healthier by adding more vegetables and fruits. The chlorophyll in vegetables acts as a natural deodorant which can get rid of your bad breath. You can also add some cayenne pepper in your diet as this stimulates saliva production.

2. Proper Hygiene

It is important that you practice proper dental hygiene at all times especially when you are experiencing dry mouth. One of the cures for dry mouth is to regularly brush your teeth and use mouthwash to kill bacteria. However, there are certain mouthwashes and toothpastes that can also lead to dry mouth. Avoid toothpaste with the SLS component and mouthwash with alcohol as an ingredient. Also, make sure you floss to get food debris in between the teeth.

3. Proper Environment

During the winter time, the air can become very dense especially if you are using heaters at home. On the other hand, air conditioning can also cause dry air during the summer time. It is best that you always have a humidifier at home to make sure the air you breathe is moist enough.

Stick to these cures for dry mouth and you will help prevent and treat your dry mouth syndrome. Say goodbye to bad breath as long as you are willing to make changes in your lifestyle.